World’s first live peer to peer parking App 

Coming soon, Parkers is a new app that will allow drivers to share parking information and trade parking spaces for a negotiable fee.

make money using a new parking sharing app that allows drivers to share street parking information, dont just drive away, 

Ever spend endless hours searching for a parking space only to realize you may never find a spot? Ever prefer to stay home than to leave your parking spot?  Come home from a party only to circle the block 50 times? Parking problems in major cities is an ever-increasing problem with congestion, loss of time, and pollution. Parkers is an Parking sharing community that will dramatically reduce the need to search for parking. Parkers will share parking information with each other for a price and drivers can reshare to offset the cost.  About to leave your parking, quick post It on Parkers the app for other drivers to view.   Meet driver and switch parking spots.  Than driver can repost before he leaves the location for the next driver.

If no parking locations are available, Parkers can offer anyone money to vacate a parking a certain distance from their desired destination.   Parkers will offer Parking lots and Private Parking like driveways the option to list their parking to Parkers per hour or per day.  Parkers is designed to relieve traffic congestion and the aggravation of looking for a parking leading to a better economy, better quality of life, and less impact on the environment.